November 20, 2008

Mind Speech No. 3

" part of me I felt relieve, part of me felt moody "

I thought that I could be better then being moody, but no, I just realise I can't get in control with my emotion

November 17, 2008

Mind Speech No. 2

" i can felt that i'm about to know an asnwer without you telling me but still, i want to know it from your very own mouth "

I'm all ready to accept whatever the result will be...

November 15, 2008

Mind Speech No. 1

Starting from now on, Sweet-Lil-Devilish Blog will be having a Mind Speech thing. Short post on what she's thinking at that moment and wanted to jot down the thought or feeling. So here it is, Mind Speech No. 1.

" looking back at the one and only picture that we took together, remind me of the moments that we spend together, moments where we getting to know each other, moments where we were developing, it make me misses you now "

I really miss you...

November 4, 2008

Begin of a new chapter

Ok, I still have a list of post that is waiting for me to blog about, BUT I just can't wait till I post this. This is suppose to be my LATEST entry according to the list but I decided to blog it now. I cannot wait to welcome my little baby angel. After that only I continue with my happening post ok? Hehehe...

Here it is. My new family member and Fluffy's new companion. Now that I have 2 lil rascal's in the house. Means more poo poo and wee wee for me to clean. LOLz. But all is worth it.

Name: Maya Leong
DOB: 19th August 2008
Age: 2months & 17days
Breed: Siberian Husky
Eye Colour: Dark brown
Colour Coat: Black & White

I know she has a big eye bags but that's what grab the attention rite?

Loving her till bitz.

There'll be more of her picture's in my blog.
I just can't wait till I see her in full grown size.
5 months till I see her full grown.

By the way, I still love Fluffy very much. I still hug and kiss him good night.
Although Maya grab all the attention in the family.

Gathering with my babes

Here's another gathering post with my babes on the 18th October @ Pyramid TGIF. It was like a last minute planning. Not much of a typing here. Gonna let the pictures roll.

Tiff * Me * Crystalbelle * Iris * Chloe

The Buddy

She's camera shy

Behtahan -_-""

Forgotten when was the last pic we took together

Next post: Steamboat at the babes