November 4, 2008

Begin of a new chapter

Ok, I still have a list of post that is waiting for me to blog about, BUT I just can't wait till I post this. This is suppose to be my LATEST entry according to the list but I decided to blog it now. I cannot wait to welcome my little baby angel. After that only I continue with my happening post ok? Hehehe...

Here it is. My new family member and Fluffy's new companion. Now that I have 2 lil rascal's in the house. Means more poo poo and wee wee for me to clean. LOLz. But all is worth it.

Name: Maya Leong
DOB: 19th August 2008
Age: 2months & 17days
Breed: Siberian Husky
Eye Colour: Dark brown
Colour Coat: Black & White

I know she has a big eye bags but that's what grab the attention rite?

Loving her till bitz.

There'll be more of her picture's in my blog.
I just can't wait till I see her in full grown size.
5 months till I see her full grown.

By the way, I still love Fluffy very much. I still hug and kiss him good night.
Although Maya grab all the attention in the family.

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