January 5, 2009

Thank you

Thanks to 2009;
Bye bye to 2008,

Thanks to you;
Sorry for you,

Thanks to your lie;
Sorry for your reason,

Thanks to your girlfriend;
Sorry for your girlfriend.


Thank you.....

.....for letting me know who you really are

.....for letting me know whats real and whats not (whatever it is all are not real)

.....for letting me know that your words cannot be trusted

.....for letting me know is it worth for me to still remain you in my friends list

.....for letting me know where I should go now

.....for letting me know how good you are in acting

.....for letting me know the black and white


Fool me once,
Shame on you,
Fool me twice,
Shame one me,
But a fool like you can only fool me once.

Thanks for turning my sky from dark to bright.

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