April 19, 2009

Dead Blog

I am so lost of track now. I don't know from where should I start or should I say continue my blog. There's so much that I wanted to blog about but it seems that I don't have the drive to blog it. Perhaps I should make my blog to be alive all over again. It's so dead now. I wonder does anyone still visit my blog? Please do leave me comment if you do.

I promise I'll update my blog from where I've stop. But I don't know why this promise can never made up.

Anyhow, I'll try my very best.

April 7, 2009

Frustrated in a Sarcastic Way

What have I done to deserve a week like this?

I had a tiring, worrying, sleepless nights over the weekend and I even dreamed of devils and zombies and even death.

No, I don't want death to happen. Because everything has not been fulfilled yet. Reunion has not been made but I'm just so scared that death comes first before reunion.

Because of all the hazardous world, the cruelty of how god treated an innocent person taking away his life before he could have a reunion with his family. I just couldn't accept the fact.

All that I ask for now is to find a place for me to be myself, a space for me to take a deep breath, a place where I could free my mind. Then come back and face the ungliest side of the world.

It's just some random babbling on words of my own. A way for me to let things go. Sometimes I don't even know what I'm writing about.

Sorry if you does not understand and thank you for spending your time to read some craps.