August 16, 2009


Tired of having all the bereavement for the past years,
Trying to drown all the sorrows with the drink of potion towards happiness,
Together, burning the weed every night just to replace sleeping pills,
Wished upon the stars, hoping the sorrows will be wiped off the next day,
But still am feeling heavy hearted to leave the sorrows behind,
Thinking of departing with all the memories that we wrote in the diary,
A strong willpower is all I need now,
Explaination towards this sorrows has become an end,
Apologies that couldn't be explain because of human selfishness,
One day apologies will be accepted,
Heavy hearted is the feeling now but this is the best way,
Because freedom that's what a swallow need,
Appreciation for the past years is well appreciated and will be kept well,
Promises that has been made will be fulfilled,
Always and forever.

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