October 19, 2009

Midst Memories

The memories that has been created,
The magical moments,
The sound of laughter,
The silent cries that is shared,
The fairytale stories that is being mentioned,
What if there's no more memories?
What if there's no more moments?
What if there's no more laughter?
What if there's no more cries?
What if there's no more fairytale stories?

Everyday memories are being created,
But how many of them will be remembered?
Have you ever take a moment everyday to refresh mind, what memories have you created on that day?
Did you put a smile on someones face?
Did you made someone sad?
Did you made someone thinking?
Did you hurt someone?
Did someone put a smile on your face?
Did someone made you sad?
Did someone made you thinking?
Did someone hurt you?

For me, I do take a moment to remember the memories, no matter is the old ones or new ones, sad ones or happy ones. Still it is worth for a second thought.

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