December 15, 2009

The lost of you

Dear Baby Maya,

I had never tell you how I felt about you but I know you had always know and here I'm writing you a note. To let you know how much I missed you and shall you never been forgotten for you had already taken a big space in my heart.

The first time when I saw you at the home breeder, you already caught my attention. You were so mischievous running and playing around being the big bully among your own siblings. Climbing all over me trying very hard to get my attention. From the day we brought you home, you are already a part of the family. Never had we treated you as a pet. We slept on the same bed, share the same food, I will sooth you to sleep on my lap, kissing you every day and night and you kissed me back with your saliva all over my face, you always have your own character and you make me loves you more and more each day. And we both showered each other with love.

I still remember when you were just a baby, you just love cuddling with anything that is soft, loves jump on to my bed and making paw prints on my white bed sheet and I'll be screaming my lungs out but you never know when I was angry because you are still a baby. But I never blame you for that. Still remember the first time you came home knowing Fluffy as the sire of the house, oh.....he hated you so much that time but you never stop disturbing him everyday, till today both of you became a good companion.

You had always been very obedient and tame just that when you are younger, you are a bit more aggressive, never get tired. You seldom bark, you only bark at a snail and talked to the neighbours dog. And you howl like a wolf, you don't speak clearly. You make baby howl tone only when playing with Fluffy. You love to be pampered, hugged, you love it when we rub your face, your chin and squeeze your cheek. You love staying indoor because indoor is cooler but when it's raining, you love to stay under the rain looking up at the rainy sky and let the water drop onto your face.

When you see my car you will stop doing whatever naughty things and pretend to be good girl sit and wait for me to come in and charging towards me and jump on me when you see me home. When I said ''Maya, what is this?'' You will run and hide, your tail will drop when you see me holding the cane.

Everyone who sees you says that you look big and fierce just because you have the panda eye around your eyes but to me, you are always small in the heart and innocent in the eyes.

I couldn't believe it that we could only celebrate one X'mas, one CNY and your one year old birthday. I'm sorry that I couldn't protect you forcibly being taken away. I could have seen that coming and you sense something is not right. Your eyes, that night when you look at me, wanted to come indoor trying to tell me something but I was too blinded to see it. I'm sorry Maya, so sorry for not letting you do what you wanted.

After the night you were taken away, Fluffy was in the garden the whole morning looking out from the gate and waiting knowing that something has happen to you which really gives me an heartache. The morning when I found out that you were gone, I drove to work but the road seems to be longer like it used to be. Makes me think a lot till tears roll down from my eyes, for knowing the fact that you are really gone. Couldn't concentrate in work on that day, everyone who known you concerns about you and tears roll down again while I was doing the explanation. Its too hurt and so hard for me to explain that you are no longer here, how you were being taken.

Although you are no longer here with us but I will always keep the memories that you had created for us. I will still hope that one day I'll see you again and bring you back to our place , a place call home. I can never find another one like you. I miss you Baby Maya.

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cheesie said...

:( so so sorry to hear that