January 13, 2010

Dandelion Diaries

Awake in the morning, smelt the lovely lavendar.
Hearing the birds chirping, singing along with the morning glory.
Tuning on to the radio to a lil country song to freshen up the day.

It has come to an end to leave the past behind.
Where there is no more worries to worried about.
No more what if.

When everything has falls apart and there's nothing much more that you can do.
It is all leave it to the god to decide or perhaps yourself is the god.

Good times has passes by and all left now is just light shadow of the good times where it will only leave a slight smile on your face.
It is just like how dandelion flew.
I wish you are good baby, but your images will always stay fresh in my mind.
Just like everything just happen yesterday.

~With lots of love and kisses~

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