March 10, 2010

The Courage

I was checking my email and then I saw this email from titled ''Please Save These Pound Dogs'' and saw this cute lil beagle were up for adoption. I had always wanted a Beagle compare to a Jack Russell though I had experience with JR but I would still prefer a Beagle as first option. This cute lil baby girl is only 7 months old, I so wanted to bring her home but ever since Maya's lost, I have doubts in having a third dog. So scare that the same fate will happen to her. I'm so sure that I could give her all the love she need in my world. She will have all the love in the world just like how I gave all the love to Maya and Fluffy.

Has been almost 3 months since Maya's disappearance. Felt that sometimes Fluffy is so lifeless and quiet. He used to squeeze himself out from the grilled door just to play with Maya in the garden when they are bored. And when Maya is in the house, both of them will be running and chasing each other around the house. I missed those voices, their barks, their nails scratching on the floor while they run, when they bang on stuff in the house while doing a u-turn or turning, their heavy breathing sounds, Maya's baby howl voices while playing with Fluffy, big lil Maya would squeeze herself into Fluffy's lil house to drink his water, that is so cute and the list goes on. Now that Maya is gone, when I look at Fluffy, he's like missing something around him, a friend, a sister, a companion.

But I really wish that I could have the courage to bring her home, lil Beagle.

*Pictures courtesy from the fosterer*

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