May 10, 2010

Lil Sweet & Obedient Girl

After shower look.

Sis was reversing her car, me, sitted behind have an instinct to turn back and look, saw this lil Silky Terrier, walking pass by in front of my house in Ipoh. She stopped, saw us reversing the car and walk towards our car. And she looks so lost, doesn't look like well taken care off, still a lil puppy. Afraid that we might roll over her, so I went down pick her up and gave her a lil shelter at our home. Looking at her condition, she has skin problem from what I see. All her furr was tangled up, obviously whoever the owner is doesn't treat her well. So I stayed home, gave her a shower. She even has a BIG lump at her tummy area. Thinking should be a cancer. Dad said this dog belongs to the neighbour down the road.

While waiting for sis to come back, feeded her with water and keebles but she seems not interested in it. She look so tired, she can fall asleep while sitting. She's very responsive to sit and stay, very sweet lil fella. And also found that she's filled with fleas all over her body. Couldn't stand it, so helped to remove as many fleas as possible. And also cut off all the tangled furr from her body. Turned her over and she let me do so, very sweet and obedient, she actually knew what I'm doing and trusted me.

One more thing she learnt was, she kept on scratching. At first while she was scratching, I give a lil slap on her, she was shocked looking at me and I told her ''no scratch scratch''. The second time she scratched again, I showed her my hand and she stop immediately. So cute.

Those black dot on her face is actually fleas. Big and small ones.
It can be cure easily.

I felt the heart ache looking at her condition, she's really a very sick dog, body filled with fleas, tummy has a big lump which look cancerious, furr almost all gone and she's so sweet and obedient. Within that one hour I had already developed a lil bond with her, she really captured my heart. She just follow wherever I go and when I asked her to sit and stay, she will just sit and stay there and wait for me to come back.

Part of me, I do have the heart to keep her and make her all healthy once again. But after some discussion, decided not to as this is the neighbour's dog. I couldn't return it to the owner personally because I scare I might scold the owner at their face. So decided to leave her at the same place where we found her. Someone has to be the bad guy to leave this lil one by the road and definitely not me cause I'm the one who brought her in. After a while, she's gone, don't know where she walk to already.

It actually spoiled my mood. I just do not understand how this people take care of their children while they couldn't even take care of a dog. Staying in a big house, with big cars, big compound, bought the dog for the kids just for the sake of company for the kids, while the kids are just a few years old. They couldn't even feed themselves well and how to even take care of a dog.

She's really small, even smaller than Fluffy, I think half of Fluffy's size. I just hope she's good now. Take care lil ones, no matter where you are. You will be remembered.

And after this incident, I kept telling Fluffy, ''You are a very lucky dog do you know that? Not even Maya, she's lucky but not as lucky as you.'' And he just tilt his head, knowing that I'm lecturing him. Sweet baby.......