August 16, 2010


It gave a new taste of bittersweet to my old fashion blog. I felt my blog is so dead for the past 2125494616164 YEARS with the old background, old layout, dull and moody color that filled with sadness and I seriously HATE IT !!! So it's time to SPLASH in some colors.

August 9, 2010


How to measure the sincerity in a friendship?
The years of known?
The times you spend together?
The secrets that you both shared?
The obstacles that both of you went through?
The problems that you help each other?
The laughter and cries that you shared?

And all the above mentioned is being questioned.
Is there an agreement to a friendship that betrayal will not happen?
No foreseen that this will last forever till your last breath on earth.

But in life, you are always in risk,
Risk of falling down and hurt yourself,
Risk in putting a bet, a business, an investment,
And friendship is one of the risk that might hurt yourself when you are so true and treasure it and in the end you found out that it is all about betrayal.

I can use a hug, a cigge and a drink now.