November 24, 2010

On the Final Clause

On the first clause,
It was all unknown,
Never knew the existance,
I was in my own world.

On the second clause,
It was a new beginning,
It was so messy and numb,
I was thrilled.

On the third clause,
It was awkward,
It takes time to make the ball rolling,
It smoothens slowly.

On the fourth clause,
It started to get in more detail,
We shared, we joke, we laugh,
The glow in you shines.

On the fifth clause,
It gives me a slight hope,
It put a smile on my face,
It was the magical feeling to want more.

On the sixth clause,
It gives me the caress,
It was so detail,
I felt it was like just happened yesterday.

On the seventh clause,
Everything falls apart,
It ended just with a snap,
Everything will remain back to how it used to be.